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School of Polish for foreigners Gdansk, Gdansk Wrzeszcz, Gdansk Oliwa, Gdansk Zaspa, Sopot, Gdynia. Polish language courses.

School of Polish

courses at your home

Our language studio has offered top quality Polish courses for foreigners. We have created a specific training system and a special selection of various services for our students, so that they can achieve maximum progress in the shortest period possible. Modern and everyday Polish to use quickly to adapt to Polish life. Learn Polish. Know what is important.

We offer:

Semester Courses

if you are not in a hurry to master Polish and want to devote yourself to Polish in a more systematic way we offer semester-long courses Polish for Foreigners: 2 x 90 minutes/week

Quarterly Courses

if you need to master Polish in a short time, but you still want to study in-depth we offer semester-long courses Polish for Foreigners: 2 x 180 minutes/week

Intensive Courses

if you need to learn Polish very quickly, we offer a total immersion:

3 week course, each week 20 x 45 minutes – 60 x 45 minutes in total

4 lessons/day (20 lessons per week)

Survival Course:

Learn the basics of Polish in a very intensive one-week course - 5 hours a day, Monday to Friday. A sufficient amount of vocabulary and phrases are learned to get by if traveling around Poland.

Polish Business:

This course is designed for those who have a basic knowledge of Polish and want to develop their communication skills with a focus on business. This includes vocabulary connected with management, marketing, law, finance and advertising. Students will also become familiar with the language of official correspondence (e-mails and letters), negotiations, presentations, telephone conversations, etc.

Polish Student:

For those planning to go on to higher education in Poland, we provide one-year intensive preparatory courses in Polish . We regularly organise preparatory courses for state-approved language exams in Polish as a foreign language.

One lesson takes 45 min.

Students always enroll only for one month (Standard courses) or two weeks (Intensive courses) in advance, which means that every two weeks (Intensive courses) or every month (Standard courses) you can decide if you want to continue or not. You can also change your course schedule, intensity or type after each course.

Individual Programme

If you prefer to study individually or in a small group of 2 or 3 we offer an individual course on all language levels. Perfect fit to your needs: tell us what you expect! Bring a friend, let's learn together!

Lessons may start on any day of the year, have flexible schedules and can be repeated

Pronunciation sessions We know very well that Polish is a very difficult language to learn (still, there's hope: all our teachers speak it fluently!) Before you do, we offer you a unique service which no other language school in Gdańsk provides:

We will help you improve all aspects of your Polish pronunciation at the individual sessions. Polish your Polish. Remember, w Szczebrzeszynie chrząszcz brzmi w trzcinie!

Courses are taught by friendly, communicative and experienced teachers. After you finish the course you will receive a Future Perfect Polish certificate.

For more information please contact the sales department:

phone: +48 606 342 508

Angielski dla firm. Szkolenia.
Wybór języków obcych. Język specjalistyczny, ogólny i biznesowy, trening interpersonalny po angielsku (trener - psycholog) i inne.
Angielski z dojazdem. Korepetycje.
Szeroka gama korepetycji i kursów z dojazdem do ucznia lub uczniów. Korepetycje z języków obcych, ale również z matematyki, fizyki, chemii itd.
School of Polish for foreigners
Top quality Polish courses for foreigners. Modern and everyday Polish to use quickly to adapt to Polish life. Learn Polish. Know what is important.
Angielski dla dzieci
Kursy angielskiego przystosowane do mozliwości percepcyjnych dzieci. Kursy dla dzieci współtworzone przez psychologów.